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I'm building a moderate WRX for DD/Track.. next year it will get a new engine build, but so far here is where I am in my process. Car has roughly 3.5k miles on it. Running these mods:Cobb AP, tuning via ATR TiC TGV deletes, IAG EGR block off kit, Grimmspeed 3-port EBCS, Nameless Performance wavespring by-pass valve, Grimmspeed Catted J-pipe, Perrin CBE, Perrin Oil cooler,... Car has other non-engine and tuning related mods, not sure if those are for this forum or not?

have not installed these: Killer B Aftercooler with Charge pipe, GS StealthBox Cold Air Intake.. I'm looking to doing Aquamist Methanol Injection, yet need to learn to wire and properly tune. So far I have managed to tune from info on forums, here and friends. Yet any help is welcome. Car is at the shop now getting painted (had hail damage not my lucky month!!) I will post pics once I get it back. posted a pic of my hail hood damage, whole car is the same..

Cheers and good luck on your builds..

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That must have been some hail storm!!!

This section is for everything to do with your project so feel free to fire up pictures of any and everything that's been done, that your proud of or even ashamed of lol.

What sort of power is it running just now?

Hi Chris250,

So far I have no clue what the actual power is.. has only been tuned via my AP and my self made tunes based off the Cobb OTS maps with help from tons of research, forums like this one, and some friendly tuners that didn't mind helping me out at no cost. Definitely not black magic or the sort as most shops have you believe.. lol I will be taking my car to get so called "pro-tuned" on a Dyno once I get a couple more parts installed (especially CAI and Larger IC) I have to wait 3 weeks to get my car back and I suck at taking pics.. I will post some once I get it back. Also did some suspension and brakes upgrades, nothing fancy, just better for the track stuff. I want to figure out how to wire up the Aquamist Meth injection (about ready to get it once I get more $$) this tuning stuff is a bottomless money pit!!

I got a pro-tune last week that went bad.. I have a faulty BPV (nameless performance) which I need to take out. with my engine cutting out at 4 - 5k range because of my crazy leak, the dyno pulled 315whp with the leak.. Dyno Tuner said I could have pushed it a bit more, yet he didn't want to risk it as my boost leak was too major. I will be going stock BPV and re-tuning with e85 once Cobb released their Flex fuel module. I will keep you posted. Again any advice with Cobb ATR and FA20 DIT is welcome! Got my bumps fixed and all other mods mentioned installed ;-).

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315whp isn't so bad with a boost leak. I would have abandoned the session too.

I'm still on the fence about Cobb as ECUTEK is UK based, I'm not sure who to invest in, I'm off to Autosport next week so will be speaking with the reps there to see where my money is going

Well, tons have happened since I last posted.. Here is my wheelwell page so you can see more detailed pics:


mod list on that link as well.. I did more drive train mods than engine, yet little by little. I'm now sitting at 365whp.. and I'm actually quite happy

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