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your basic LS swap 350Z

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Hello all, i have owned this car since December 2005 and it has gone through several different iterations. this latest version I decided on a LS swap after spinning a bearing. long story short, i basically made everything needed for the swap and one of the biggest challenges was the oil pan i wanted to run. I wanted to run the C5 Z06 batwing oil pan due to its resistance to oil slosh and starvation. one thing that was an issue was the steering rack was in the way. On a lark i just flipped the cross member to see if that would give me enough room and sure enough it did. so then i had to do some fabrication. I was either going to get a JDM cross member and keep it LHD or a JDM rack and make it RHD. regardless i was going to have a lot of fabrication to do. In North America most of the hard turns are right handers, since our cars are LHD, so i thought i would cheat and convert to RHD.

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so the real challenge for me came when i was making my new tie rod points. I have a much longer tie rod now and I did have to limit the amount of angle i would allow the rack to turn, i almost made a drift angle kit by accident

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this was before i limited the travel

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so far i am loving the steering and turn in, but now that i am watching the alignment videos, i'm going to go back through and recheck all of my measurements lol. this picture was taken before i swapped coilovers, i still had the coilovers from a 285 tire and a V6, now i am running 335s and a V8.

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Looks sick man love the car! Love the 350z platform for us over in UK LS is just not very accessible and are hard to find.

Hi Bryan,

That's an awesome car you have built! I love cars that have been developed over a long period of time and yours looks top quality. I would be interested in hearing how your car performs after you follow our wheel alignment course. Please let us know.

If you got any more photos id to be interested in seeing them also!


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