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Hi and greetings from Norway

Thought i should share my project an process along the way on my driftcar build.

It's a 97 Nissan R33 Skyline Gtst sedan with about 50k km on it from new. Was completely stock when I got it a few years back. But not so much anymore.

I'm keeping the engine stock(internals) for as long as possible to se what results and how reliable we can get it.

Suspension wise I have a mix of Driftworks and Gktech suspension product's.

Running Gktech front knuckles with rack offset spacers, adjustable lower arm, and castor rods. Front camber arms as well as rear suspension and coilovers are Driftworks.

Diff is a KaaZ 2 way unit and I'm running stock brake setup with projectMu brakeshoes. So no hydro for me.

Engine wise it's beeing upgraded this season with Hypergear ATR43G3SAT turbo, Haltech Elite 2000 PnP with wideband sensor, Radium fuel rail setup and Bosch Ev14 1000cc injectors.

Other mods are upgraded intercooler, complete exhausts, splitfire coils, greddy profec b spec2 ebc and some other mods.

Will post dyno results after everything is on the car and I've gotten around to dyno it before this drifting season.

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Should be fun

Update on the car's progress:

We had the car dynoed before the season's last Gatebil event her in Norway.

We had some issues with boost creep with the new turbo setup due to what my tuner thinks is that the wastegate is not able to pass through all the exhaust gas that it should for some reason.

The hypergear turbo is running an internal wastegate setup.

We had to stop at at about 400whp with and set the rev limiter at 6200rpm to keep boost levels and engine safe as boost continued to rise with rpm.

So exhaust housing and downpipe will now be removed and sendt back for inspection and machining.

I have attached the dyno results from the first session

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Why don´t you let the Haltech control the boost?


Just because I had the profec B ebc from my previous car. I am planning to install a Haltech boost solenoid during the off season here, and run boost control via Haltec. I hope that will work great

But regarding the boost creep issue, that is a mechanical issue and must be resolved anyway or I will not be able too run consistant or stable boost pressure.