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Adaptronic M2000 Wire-in Universal ECU

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Joined the forum to learn how to do a new loom for my upgrade to a link, so might as well try and sell my old adaptronic here!

Adaptronic M2000 Wire-in Universal ECU

All the technical information is on Adaptronics website:

Along with any accessories connector plugs, looms, sensors etc.

Currently is configured for a single turbo RX7 FD, would be willing to help out the new owner with my program and pin assignment should be a relatively easy install on an FD.

With it being wire it you can de pin your standard ECU and re pin it with these connectors, not difficult at all if you've ever looked at automotive wiring.

Everything that's supposed to be included will be included except for the USB thumb drive (not even sure I got one, the program is available free on Adaptronics website). And the vacuum hose is about 1m not 2.5m (as it was cut to fit my car).

I paid £1100 GBP for this back in 2017/2018 currently listed on Adaptronics website at $1350 + shipping

Reason for sale is going a different route now and have outgrown this ECU

Looking for 1100 USD including shipping and full insurance, be happy to get 800GBP back.

Please PM me as I don't check here often, I should get an email

Out of warranty, but is all working came from a running car:

Pictures on Ebay ad: