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Group buys for all HPA members !

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i don't know if this have been done already in the past , but with all the contacts that high performance academy has and all the members here who represents ... i would love to see group buys in here so we can save a lot more money and make are knowledge and businesses grow faster..

*standalone ecu's

*engine parts

*drive train parts


PLease let us know what could be possible here ..

plex v2 knock monitor

Plex v2 knock monitor

As a paid HPA Member you can get a discount from Plex. Just mention that you're an HPA member, they'll then check with us, and from there they'll see what they can do for you.

Discounts will vary from product to product and are at their discretion, but they do well to look after you guys and it's also great to support a company that has put a lot of time and effort into some really solid products too.