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Hey everyone, I know this is a reach as everyone loves the Mainline Prohub dyno but I am in the market for one and if I can find a used one and save a bit of money I would be interested in talking to someone who is looking to sell theirs.

I am scouting raingjunk.com for any but no luck. If anyone has any other resources for used dynos please let me know.



Mainline, themselves, may be a potential contact - they may have clients who up-graded their machines and traded in their old one, or have re-conditioned stock, or have some other suggestions. [edit] Checked, apparently no stock at present, but perhaps there's a waiting list?

Other sources may be the more serious auto' magazines' "for sale" sections, or on-line discussion forums?

Thanks for posting Gord!

I have reached out to Mainline, they have given me a quote for a new one and will probably be doing that anyway in a few months but I always like to look for a deal.

I will check out some magazines, online forums mostly have come up dry but thanks for the input!

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