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cam timing error vs ignition timing

Variable Cam Control Tuning

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Once you have everything dialed in as far as cam timing target, VE, and ignition timing: I understand that if there is an error in cam timing vs target that closed loop fuel control will still be able to compensate for fuel error. I am curious to know if there is consern about ignition timing if you happen to have cam timing error for instance with a mechanical malfunction of a solenoid or clogged oil line ect... In my case I would be running my cam timing and VE based on throttle position (RB26) with Vcam and ignition timing based on MAP. Does cam timing have a large affect on ignition timing like it does with VE?

Hi Derek yes it does have an effect and i use knock control as my safety for this but generally the timing will be more retarded if it fails so no damage would be done

Regards Ross

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