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VVT cam control tuning Training exercise for GT86 ECUTEK

Variable Cam Control Tuning

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Hi, I am trying to learn from the course on how can I tune my gt86 vvt cam control. I have went through the variable cam control tuning course, unfortunately the course is only focused on standalone aftermarket ECU, not related to REFLASHING ECU. May I know is there any training exercise that I can refer?

Hi, if you have the right Ecutek flashing software and licence, Ecutek has the capability to tune the car over a real time base, there is a map option that the car permits to change fuel , timing and any variable on line/real time, so OEM ecu behaves like a stand alone ECU.

If you have just the flashing version with no "real time" flashing available, it is supposed you can upgrade it or let your Master Tuner sell the right software version..

With this capability you can have the car over the dyno and dial the Cam control and see the Torque response for the change and keep it there or continue dialing it accordingly. This is usually a time consuming task and need dyno hours to let you go across the load and rpm for best results..

Im a Ecutek Master Tuner...


Alex Maroto

Costa Rica

All principles shown in that video are fully applicable to ECU reflashing method. The only difference is that you need to reflash ECU every time you change cam settings. Other than that there is no real difference on the dyno( or on the road) tuning...

As others have mentioned, the info needed to perform VVT tuning is totally transferable to reflash tuning that vehicle, so you'll be in good shape as long as you have reflash software to do it.

Hi, totally agree that the course has all the information needed to understand the AVCS or equivalent system...

There is another way to dial the GT86 Cams using "custom maps" so it is possible to use one available signal, like second O2 sensor as an imput for the advance retard opction "on the fly", to the actual cam position, or the 4 available maps might permit you go up and down without the necesity of flash the car at that position on that particular moment.

I haven´t seen any software more versatil for that platform than Ecutek...

Thanks for the info. BTW How we can setup PID in ECUTEK?

Sorry for the delay. No PID tuning of VVT control is required since you're using the stock ECU, which already has built in settings that do a great job of it, as long as the car is in good mechanical condition, with proper engine oil.

The only times you should see significant target error are during engine warmup, and during rapid transitions.

Also, the system takes a little time to come online post start, more time after an ECU reset (part of the flash process).

I think he means parameter ID (a variable to be monitored), not PID (Proportional, Integral , Derivative control loop tuning).

Might be. How's it going Joseph?

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