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What axis to use for vct forward-feed/base-duty? rpm vs temp or oil pressure vs temp

Variable Cam Control Tuning

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In theory a simple question but... just wanting people who have tuned vct for their inputs

What would be more accurate results?

rpm vs temp


oil pressure vs temp

I currently use rpm vs temp but was thinking that maybe oil pressure vs temp would be more accurate?

Please provide more information on what table is using those inputs? And what is the output from that table used for?

I normally set VCT targets (cam angles) based on load vs RPM -- so I'm totally lost at to what you are asking.

Dave, he's referring to the feed forward control duty cycle. In the case of motec M1 this would be the Inlet/Exhaust>Camshaft>Bank N>Control>Feed Forward.

If you were having issues with control caused by changes in oil pressure, temperature, engine speed or otherwise then you may need to add an axis to the feed forward table to compensate for the addition or reduction in duty cycle required based on the behaviour observed.

It really depends on the specific characteristics of the engine/cam control system you are tuning.

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