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2 Python scripts, a DBC file, and MegalogViewerHD Walk into a bar...

CANBus Communications Decoded

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Some struggles with reverse engineering CAN signals is sometimes there's challenging signals to reverse. for example, Ignition Timing. it's arbitrary and doesn't have heavy constraints associated with it's value limits. while you may be able to correctly guess the channel, not having a reference for comparison will make it nearly impossible to pinpoint..

My Solution : Scan tools... sort of

Scan tools request information known as PID's (Parameter ID's) and they correlate with values that the Scan tools understand. First, I started with SAE PID's as there's complete transparency for their definitions on Wikipedia's page. OBDLink MX sends SAE PID requests when communicating with the vehicle. I already had a viable DBC file for the platform I was working with, a 2017 Y62 Patrol/Armada. I added the SAE PID responses to the DBC file and wrote a python programming script to tell my PEAK Pcan USB tool to request various PID's I was interested in.

next step was to write another python programming script to read the DBC file, and write a CSV line for any incoming messages where signals were defined. then use MegalogViewerHD's "Trail Live File" option to assess the signals in RealTime.

Is anyone have dbc file for Votol EM-150 controller/ ANT bms??If not can I have a complete guidance to create a dbc file??Also I want to know what information I must have from the manufacturer??

@mitch thanks for sharing all this, btw.

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