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Blink Marine CAN problem with AIM PDM

CANBus Communications Decoded

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Hello To all

My name is Raul, i build a chassis harness managed by a AIM PDM32. This PDM is controlled by a Blink Marine PKP 2600 SI keypad (12 keys) that AIM has a CAN protocol for it, choosing any of these CAN ID, 0x19, 0x1A, 0x1B or 0x1C.

when i bought the Keypad to Blink Marine, i requested the 0x19 programmed on it, but they had a mistake and send it with the Base ID that they have that is 0x15. As you can imagine, the keypad doesnt work with the PDM

After spoke with AIM, they got me a process to change the ID and Speed using his PDM software, and i could do it. Now my Keypad works and get the "rest color" for buttons, if i change the color to other, not all colors work, so i imagine some IDs are bad also. I can see the Status and activate the outputs as i like.

But i have a problem, the "status key colors" are not working. You can choose in the PDM the key color when is active, pressed, error output ect. but this is not working. Blink is washing his hands with the problem and only got me a manual of the all CAN address for each thing in the keypad, but they dont help me how change this to work with AIM PDM

I magine i need buy a CAN to USB device to connect the keypad and change the IDs, that is not a problem but if anyone, can help me and get me a guide to know how changed would be great, because then i can learn how do it for a future problems like this

I added the AIM help and Blink PDF also

thanks for your time

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The command for the color comes from the pdm 32 and is a response to the button being pushed. I would check and see if there is an issue with the version of race studio you are using and maybe try a different version and report your issue.

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