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CAN Bus wiring size

CANBus Communications Decoded

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I am finally getting ready to wire my car with my MoTec M130, MoTec E888, ECUMaster Isolator & AIM PDM's. My question is what size wire do I need to use to properly accommodate the CAN Bus. I am familiar with the termination resistors and their placement but have not been able to find a solid source for the wire gauge size needed. While I'm asking about the CAN Bus and its wiring, I may as well ask how many TPI I should go with, 1 TPI or 2 TPI?

Thank you for the help!

22 awg @ 1 TPI will be fine. If you want to purchase the wire pre-twisted, I suggest this:


Thank you for the reply David!!

Complete side question, how do I locate this post again for reference besides searching my profile for posts I've made as I cannot find it in the electrical forums.

I would either bookmark the post in your browser, or just bookmark the link to the product/vendor I suggested.

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