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ECUMaster PMU16 and 6x2 Keyboard

CANBus Communications Decoded

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So building a car that is based on an AEM VCU300 (EV). The AEM VCU only works with a J1939 keyboard. The ECUMaster PMU16 that we're using only seems to work with the 6x2 ECUMaster keyboard when its configured for CANOpen communications. Per the blink marine documentation, its easy enough for the ECUMaster keypad reconfigured to either CanOpen or J1993. It appears the VCU300 only works with J1939 messages and the PMU16 only works with CanOpen. One obvious solution is to go with 2 separate keyboards and have one to control the VCU300 and the other control the PMU16. But if the PMU16 could work with it on J1939 it would be brilliant. And thoughts on how to either have the PMU16 send a CAN message emulating the keypress of a J1939 key pad when a key is pressed or just have the PMU16 work with the keypad in its J1939 configuration?

have the keypad set as canopen, and send the key states at 20hz ti the j1939 chabbel. you'll need to set up a maths function in the pmu, but it should work.

you'll retain the ability to control colors this way as well .

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