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EcUmaster PMU16 CAN streams

CANBus Communications Decoded

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From what I can gather, the CAN streams for the PMU16 are locked apart from being able to set the base ID and which of the pre set frames you want to send.

My question is if I decide to not send a certain frame do all the other frames after that one get brought forward and their id's altered accordingly.

That would not be the usual way it would work. You can always count on the same data to appear at Base+xxx offset.

You do have the ability to use the CANbus export tool to write your own CanX file. Its not as data dense as the predefined version but if you only want to broadcast certain messages on the bus that's a way to do it.

I wasn't aware there's a way of customising the CAN Stream. I couldn't see any way of editing the pre defined setup.

I only really want 10 items sending. Half are functional, the other half are just to be logged in the Link ecu along with everything else.

As Tyson mentioned you can create CAN exports with the specific data you're wanting to send. Here's an example:


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