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Link4G+HTG problem

CANBus Communications Decoded

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Hi guys. I have Link4G and HTG. I did it according to the CAN tuning instructions, according to this instruction: https://wiki.htg-tuning.com/#t=HTG_GCU_User_Guide%2Flink_gcu_integration.html But HTG does not see a signal from the ECU. It is possible that there is no Link4G in the main settings when choosing an ECU. If anyone has experience please share how to do this. Link4G+HTG+DQ250.

What specific Link ECU do you have? Do you have the HTG connected to the ECU CAN port 1 or 2? Please attach your ecu map and the HTG config and I will take a look.

I tried using CAN2 and CAN1. 120Ω resistance between CAN_H and CAN_L. ECU Vipeci88 p&p Audi TT.

The forum does not allow attaching a rar or *gcu file. I uploaded it to the cloud

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You have the GCU set to 500K bit rate but the ecu is set to 1Mbit. Also - Link CAN 2 is the OEM bus in our TT plug-in ECU - this runs at 500K. Do you still have the ECU connected to the OEM bus?

Usually HTG use CAN1 for coms with the ECU - are you sure you have wired the ECU to HTG CAN2?

Sorry. I have 1MB in ECU and TCU. I just changed a lot of values. and sent you a file with changes. Now I tried CAN 500kbi and 1Mb. The situation has not changed. I also included Can1 in the ECU 500kbit. No connection. Yes, I'm sure that the ECU is connected to the TCU via CAN2, I tried ECU Can1-2. didn't give any result either.

Yes, I'm sure that the ECU is connected to the TCU via CAN2, I tried ECU Can1-2. didn't give any result either.

So have you completely disconnected the ecu from the OEM chassis bus - dash board, ABS etc?

In your map both buses have reached the transmit error limit so have gone to "bus off". To get these types of errors there is something fundamentally wrong with the bus - mismatch speeds, clashing ID's, or a wiring issue such as crossed H/L etc. If there is just incorrect ID's or a poor connection etc then you would get the acknowledge error but not all the others.


Yesterday there were a lot of attempts to connect the ECU and TCU. I also removed the connector from the abs block, and turned off the EDash. Now only ECU, TCU and Shifter are connected. The CAN wiring problem is ruled out as the instrument panel was working before shutdown. But, I will now make a new wiring from the ECU, run two wires to the HTG. we need 15 minutes.

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