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CANBus Communications Decoded

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The discussed links to forum threads, seem to be missing for the 'Common interface/debugging tools, DBC Files' module. Also it is nice to see Zac back; albeit so briefly.

G'day Daniel!

Just the usual super early bird teething issues on those links. We'll get it sorted ASAP. The forum post I'm talking about in the modules is the sticky one at the top of this forum though. Really keen for it to be added to by members aswell. We all get used to the tools we know and I'm really keen to see what some other people are using too!

I'll be here on the forums regularly, and working on some other projects with Ben and Andre, so it's all good my man!

Hello Zac,

Thanks, I posted directly from the module so I had not seen that sorry. The example spreadsheet from the module 'Cause a variable you are looking for to change' was also missing.

May I also recommend a Pass Through Breakout Box for your OBD2 DLC. Obviously not a necessity, but in the Steering Angle Sensor example, you could then watch live data on the scan tool and get right on the 45 degree mark, more importantly, you can connect your SYS Tool up with out having bend down under the dash to probe the DLC... well maybe not that important... but it does mean less contortion... especially when roll cages are involved...

I've seen pics of OBD2 pass through boxes, but have never used one. Thinking on it, hell yes, that sounds like a bloody useful tool. Would be pretty easy to get a couple of the connectors, 3d print a housing and break out the CAN wires to our DTM 4 pin pinout.... Keen!

the link to the forum post in 'Common interface / debugging tools, DBC Files' and example Spreadsheet for the module 'Cause a variable you are looking for to change' is now up! thanks for your patience guys :)

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