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termination resistor for htg gcu

CANBus Communications Decoded

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so im fitting an htg gcu and it require resistors to be hard wired in must these resistors be closet to the gcu connector pins. on the bmw f10 gear lever there is can1 l/h can2 l/h can2 has built in resistor. can1 has no built in resistor so does that mean i need to wire in resistor close to he shifter plug pins. can a take a node from this line to a gear shifter display.

the best practice scenario I typically use is this for harness construction.

if you have devices with Hard wired internal termination, you'll want to put them on the End of the bus. I typically try to resort to the following categories for choosing my End Nodes in the following order:

Hard wired termination ;

Software Selectable termination ;

No Termination ;

if my end nodes aren't terminated, I'll terminate them manually, using either a DTM04-2P-P006 or a DTM06-2S-P006 depending how you like your end of line connections.

example photo from google

G'day Thaabit. Mitch is on the case again (that guy is good :-) ).

I'm not sure of the wiring in your setup, but if the GCU doesn't have a termination resistor, and the F10 gear lever you're using also doesnt, and those are the only two items on the bus, then yes, you'll need to add termination resistors at either end.

If you're adding the GCU to an existing bus in the car, then it will most likely already have termination resistors, and you wont need to add any.

Can you give us some more details on the setup? Sounds cool :-).

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