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Toyota gt86 with Megasquirt 3 and stock instrument cluster

CANBus Communications Decoded

Relevant Module: CANBus Network Setup 5 Step Process > Program Devices to Transmit Required Data

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Hi! I'm a diagnostic auto technician and I own a gt86 (FRS here in USA) drag car project. In 21 years of experience ,I never had this detailed information thanks HPA for this course. I have a project car,its a 2013 Scion FRS (GT86). It will be 100% race car with a 3rz engine swap but I want to reuse the stock cluster for tachometer, speed, and coolant temperature. I have a Megasquirt 3 and it have a configurable CAN, it can also send test messages but I don't know how to configure it. I found online what suppose to be the CAN ID messages I need but I not fully understand it.


Can you help me configuring and understanding what I'm seeing?

I will be watching this course again to see what I'm missing

Thanks, Frank

I would take the HPA CAN bus course because it covers how to set up CAN receive and transmits, how to scale values, set up CAN IDs etc. which is just the info you'll need for your project.


I finished at the time of the original post, just I can't understand jet how to set it up in the real world

Gotcha. The info you found on your car doesn't include some specifics, but seems to indicate there's only one value sent per CAN ID which does simplify things quite a bit.

I would start with a single value you can easily see the result of and work from there. For example, send RPM on the CAN ID mentioned, see if the tach moves when the engine starts, then see if the suggested scaling in the file seems to make the tach match the RPM you're seeing in your ECU.

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