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Diesel emissions question?

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If this is not allowed I totally understand. I’m not new to diesels but I am new to tuning them. I know it used to be fairly easy to turn off the egr etc. but since the EPA crackdowns it seems that is no longer the case most of the tuning software no longer has the functionality to delete emissions related equipment. So hypothetically I live in a country that doesn’t have emissions or I have a off road only vehicle that I take to the track on the weekends and I want to turn off some of the emissions equipment how are people getting around this? My guess is some kind of .cal extension file or something of that nature but I could be out in left field. I would assume the EGR could be tuned out by changing the parameters but that doesn’t do anything for the MIL when you remove the DPF and NOX sensors. Sorry if not allowed just curious.

This is tricky because most of the software companies that are making reflashing packages have removed the ability to delete emissions equipment to keep the EPA happy. This of course is not country specific so if you're in a country where you can remove emissions equipment you're a little stuck. In most instances you'd really need to use software like winols and find the required parameters in the raw hex file so that you can adjust them. Unfortunately this isn't something we can help with.

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