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Diesel max power Lambda

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Im starting playing with a 1KD engine with a Motec M150 ecu. Using like 1.20 Lambda it just make like 140whp (on all 4 wheels, as its a AWD Truck) @ 18psi of boost. The only way i can make more power is to go to 1.00 lambda and 25psi of boost, this make 180awhp. I have try to move timing (injection start at 26° and end at -4) and at that point is the max power, nust to have idea. Is there something else i can do there? Im using a Mustang Dyno and i know its not nice giving numbers, but its not making too much power to me, only pushing lambda down.

Its a race truck and dont care abouth black smoke here, and at 1.00 lambda i can see it already

1.00 lambda is pretty aggressive, only advisable in competitive scenarios. Can you share your EGT #s at this power level or possibly some more information on the turbocharger?


Its for competition only. I remove now the exhaust to install a egt sensor so as soon i test it let you know. Sense cant find too much info on turbo size i deside to take the oem turbo size (38mm compressor and 48mm turbine) and use a bigger one so can use at high rpm on race, so i choose for start testing a 47mm compressor and 49mm wheel journal bearing turbo, it spool at 2200rpm and full boost at 2700rpm where i have my peak torque now, its high to a road use, and boost pressure goes perfect to 4600rpm (rpm limit for now). I just dont play too much on fuel pressure to see how far can i go on that, i see that 200mpa is max recomended and im at 190 now. Will see how much those 10 or 15mpa can do to my lambda, power and egt

Sounds like a good plan Eduardo, keep us posted. Make sure you pressure test the boost system too, any leaks will greatly effect your power availability.


Yes i will try that too! Thanks

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