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Diesel the next level of performance. diesel fuels?

Diesel Tuning Fundamentals

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Most of us just want to know about the basics of a diesel engine working but there is a load more that goes hand in hand with diesel performance and is overlooked by many.

What about diesel fuels? EN590 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EN_590 can I gain some power or lose some?

Dos a GTL or gas to liquid diesel fuel make more power? MJ/Kg looks impressive same goes Cetane index but if we look @ L/Kg it’s a lot lower than regular diesel and is it really needed?

Well this all depend if your able to inject a load of fuel to compensate for the lack of weight per volume of GTL diesel fuels and the quality of fuel injection is low.

In general we run loads of engines where the fuelpump limits the power output of the engine and the quality of fuel injection on these modern Commonrail engines is great so they run a lot faster on regular diesel as it’s a load closer to 845 kg/m³ and GTL moves closet to 820 kg/m³ making the calculations on these fuels will tell the story.

For those that run dirty and big on fuel blending some GTL or even running all GTL will make improvement on smoke and smell and power output.

Also very handy if your not running your diesel engine for a long time empty your fuel tank and put some GTL in it and run the engine for some time so for the most there is GTL in the fuel system. GTL dos not blend with water and dos not get sticky damaging injectors and the fuelpump. On a regular bases after winters end our customers call us with all kids of problems from white smoke to no fuel pressure build-up and cylinders not firing and injector cleaner sometimes helps but replacing or sending your injector hardware to the repair shop also happens

thank you for the insight

Hello Ruud,

First thank You for the very interesting informations. May I ask You, if You found a good mixing ratio for GTL and Diesel (for tuning upgrades), or maybe found a calibration in ecu for perfect injection rate for GTL (for more power)? From me absolutely thumbs up, very cool insight! Thank You!

Well the % of GTL needed depend on how dirty you are on fuel injection. Low quality of injection will benefit more of hi cetane numbers of GLT as it will combust better and as for newer hi quality of injection MJ/Kg per injection will bring more power as with the very small diesel droplets and increased fuel temp coming out of the nozzle with hi fuel pressure it will burn a lot better so GTL will give no benefits there on power possible even less with same mm2 stroke.

This injector was over 80 degrees C after this test. [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDqAWXxijV0]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDqAWXxijV0

Hello Ruud,

first merry Christmas ;).

Thanks for your answer. I will order some GTL and try a little bit out. Also GTL will be interesting, when exhaust regulations are necessary, so it maybe can help getting good specs with DPF off (mechanical). Thank You Cheers

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