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Fuel Pressure

Diesel Tuning Fundamentals

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Hi from portugal!

Any chance to increase fuel pressure on Tdi Pump Duse engine?

I have very little experience on this platform, hopefully someone else can jump in here and share their experience.

What are your goals with the increased pressure?

With increased pressure i hope run more lean without lose hp! if it possible!

On some PD injector increasing the feed pressure to the injectors will increase fuel injection pressure as some PD injectors work on a pressure differential over the electronic activated fuel control valve in the injector. Some PD injector limit there fuel pressure by spill volume over the pump plunger and fuel control valve.

On the VW TDI engines this lift pressure is around 10Bar if I remember correct.

Within limits fitting a nozzle with larger holes will give you more fuel however most of these are build to a very low quality often they are tested on flow rate and the ones that come close on the same flow rate are sold as a sets to customers.

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