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hilux vnt actuator bypass

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i am wondering if there is a bypass method for the actuator on the 1kd hilux. i would like to install a bigger turbo and external wastegate without having to replace the ecu and just install a steinbauer chip.

You could bypass the VNT by removing the actuator off the original turbo and just plugging it in so the ECU thinks everything is fine. Whether this would cause other issues though I can't say.

Why i asked is i was having a discussion with a tunee and the topic came up so i just wanted to get a feedback from it also

Placing the IHI activator on a bigger or other VNT turbo could work as long as the travel of the activator remains the same. We have done this on some engines but will the factory ECU bay it?? If I remember correct there is a VNT controller working on 5V PWM coming from the ECU and a signal return from the VNT controller to the ECU as well.

When we start building rally cars with the 1kd hilux engine we soon find out the turbo had it’s limits.

Sure a bypass of the stepper motor is no issue. Just keep it plugged in. This will stop the DTC codes from being raised and can put the car into limp mode.

No remapping is required to remove the actuator. It will just do it’s own thing. No effect on the engine.

One thing to keep in mind is if you install a larger turbo in the factory location, there is only a small space and clearance to the body.

On my Hilux the turbo was hitting the side of the truck. This then cause catastrophic failure of the turbo.

i ended up with fitting new exhaust header to lift the turbo up.

Here are a few photos to show the setup.

still some improvement to be done. This was proof of concept.

Hope this helps. Any questions give a shout.

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