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Reasonable and safe levels of engine rev limit.

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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone had increased the rev limit on 1kd engines. I think the factory limit is 4300-4400 rpm is there any wiggle room in this? I believe that with the factory turbo fitted the rev limit is kept low to reduce turbo overspeed and in other places people say it would start breaking balance shafts etc. but surely there is some wiggle room for a slight rpm increase especially if the power is carrying over?

Please only serious replies and advice.

Cheers John

Hi John a good guy to talk to in NZ about this is Chris Trundle of Trundles Automotive in Taranaki he Races those engines

Thanks Ross,

He may be reluctant to share information as everything seems so closely guarded in the diesel tuning community.


We set the hard rev limit to 5000 soft 4800RPM torque map 100% up to 4250RPM and 78% torque map 4500RPM and decay to 0 torque @ 5000RPM.

Engine can handle it and we run many rally with it so we know. Original turbo. Well no better replace it. Most crappy thing on the planet.

Thanks Ruud,

Exactly the info I was looking for. I have replaced the factory turbo.


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