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Reflash for Toyotas/Isuzus/Nissan Diesels

Diesel Tuning Fundamentals

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I've been looking around for a simple reflash solution like HPTuners, EFI Live etc for Toyotas (Hilux, Land Cruiser, Fortuner, Prado etc) Isuzus DMax and Nissan NP300s without any luck. All I can find are either standalone solutions, piggybacks or canned tunes but no way to actually develop my own tune for these platforms. Any recommendations?

Can you find a reliable tool for reading/flashing/checksuming?

The editing can be done on quite a few different platforms if you can get the communications figured out. What hardware are the canned tuners using to flash?


Hey Nick! Thanks for the quick response. I haven't dealt with checksumming/flashing/reading tools before per se. Usually I'm lucky enough to deal with ready to go software solutions like HPTuners, Smarty UDC but sadly that doesn't seem to be the case for Japanese manufacturers.

Any recommendations for a R/F/C tool?

Canned tuners are not providing much details they just say "flash through OBD-II" or sell you a solution such as ECU-SHOP or Unichip's.

I apologize if this is the wrong section to post about this stuff but have had a really hard time finding non-marketing BS info and people that does it keep it very close to their chest.

You're probably going to need to get hooked up with a K-Tag or KESS type tool. We use Dimsport on the more obscure platforms but I also noticed Alientech just put out a brief on a similar platform to what you're investigating.



for toyota ecu's i would recommend bitbox and bitedit, if you could get hptuner to support your vehicle it would be easier for you to tune, you still need hptuner for datalogging.

toyota ecu are known for getting bricked randomly so you might want to get toyota lexus ecu flasher for recovery

I use pcm flash and tractix cable for write Toyota

bit edit for editing and bitbox for v.r

and as above ecutoy for recovery or clone but this will only work on the older ecus new ones do not have a bdm port

When you guys say reflash the stock ecu, are you switching out the eeprom and dyno tuning?

i think ecu from 2007 can be flashed by obd

So i hav a question based on this "remapping" and "reflashing" toyoto 1kd ecu's. Locally they hav some guys that claim they "chipping" the ecu's to get more power and economy at the same time but their tunes show so much black smoking which i know from.my knowledge cant make sense. You sacrifice one for the other. You cant gain more power but at the same time save on fuel. Ive been asking them what do they use because from what ive gathered is that they jus copy and paste a map onto the ecu and claim its done, no dyno tuning meaning chking afr/egt readings and chking injection timing to see how the van is responding to the fuel grade with the tune. Can someone please shed some light on this matter for me because all.im seeing here is washer out cylinders and soon to detonate engines, it means work for me but still i dont like to see ppl being ripped off


It's not uncommon for a turbo diesel engine to pick up mileage after being tuned. Most of the time these improvements in mileage come from a wider torque curve and increased ability for the engine to pull high gear instead of downshifting. However, if the tune is not corrected for AFR and is constantly emitting black smoke there's no way the mileage of the vehicle will improve. It sounds like the tuner is adding a poorly calibrated reflash and likely disabling lambda control. Not a good situation.


Based on cost and compatibility of models the Alientech solution seems to be the go to. It isn't "cheap" but seems like a good platform even more so that it has a RECOVER mode.

Alientech stuff is good, Kess and ECM titanium will do what you want. If you don't want to outlay that much money in one go, PCMflash, bitbox and bitedit will get the job done.

As for tuners out there doing "remaps", there are a huge number of "slave" tuners out there, they are linked to a "master" tuner who will supply them a tool for reading and writing ECUs, however the file is encrypted, so the slave cant view the ecu data or edit it, they just email it to the master tuner and get sent a file back, flash it in, send it out the door. Hence if you ask them, they have no idea, but you are still technically getting a remap.

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