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Retrofitting common rail to a diesel engine

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Is it possible to retrofit common rail systems to car and or truck diesel engines? Asking Google I only found information on retrofiiting common rail to ship diesel engines. They state around 11% reduction in fuel consumption.

Are there any kits on the market?

If not, what would it take?

Lots of work to do this.

As a minimum, you will need to modify the head to accommodate injectors of a different shape and design, that may also need to be located in a different location to use efficiently.

Using a HPD5 style camshaft driven pump, the cam cover or side of the head needs to have a mounting boss located on it to hold the pump, this needs to be capable of the holding the pump securely whilst making over 100mPa of rail pressure.

The common rail needs to be mounted.

A new Camshaft will be needed to drive the HPD5 common rail pressure pump.

The Crank and Cam trigger patterns may need to be changed to obtain accurate position resolution data for the ECU.

A new ECU will be needed.

These are just some of the base requirements, it would most likely be easier to get a modern engine that is already a common rail and use that instead.

That's answering my question! Thanks!

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