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shutting Diesel EGR

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what will be the negative effect on engine(besides more NOX) when shutting the EGR? will it overheat the combustion chamber?

Hello SJ Yeong,

I think this is a very good question and I will try to help You sharing my experience with closing EGR.

Actual my test car is a e91 330xd 2006. It has actual 310hp and around 650nm. The EGR is closed also the DPF is empty (you can also use downpipes).

With closing the EGR the engine breathes ways better, and I could not mention any problems because of heat and concentricity. In my opinion, deactivating the EGR and remove or open the DPF is one of the best things You can do to upgrade Your cars health and power. On the other side, it is extreme bad for the environmental, because NOX is then on another level. So for tuning education, I think you should try it with and without EGR. Also be aware when deactivating EGR, there are often DTCs you have to handle (and maybe modify) to still have regeneration of the DPF, if You let it stock. Hope this answer helps You a little bit. Cheers

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