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Torque Based Tuning

Diesel Tuning Fundamentals

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Can you guys please explain how Torque Based Tuning in Diesel works? I'm new in the Diesel Tuning world and using EcuTek, I'm kinda confused since the worked example in the Practical Diesel Tuning course is Throttle Based tuning and is simplier than the Torque Based. Hope you can help me with this matter. Thanks!

Torque based systems add another level of refinement above TBIQ systems. Now instead of the pedal position directly looking up a fuel rate, pedal position is going to look up a desired torque value via the 'drivers wish' or 'Pedal vs. Desired Torque' table. The desired torque value is going to be translated into a fuel rate via the 'torque based injection quantity' table. From there the systems operate very similarly.

Is that helpful?


Thanks Nick! And another thing, what does the Y-axis Value mean here in the Maximum Torque table?

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It looks like engine speed versus some kind of torque protection factor. It’s hard when the software engineers don’t label things like that. Unfortunately I can only offer you a guess.

cheers guys

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