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Accel enrichment

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Im part of a fsae university team from valencia.

In order to prevent the fuel film, we redisign the intake manifolds injecting directly into the valve. After we test on our engine bench we eliminate this acceleration enrichment to reduce fuel consumption. Is this enrichment necesary? (engine seems to respond very similar with or without it) How can in test it? And how can i set the correct acceleration enrichment?

Thank you.

Jose Luis Colomer Bel.

Do you have high speed data logging with your system? Can you post practice race data if you have any?

What EFI system are you tuning with?

Regardless of the injector targeting you're still likely to have some fuel film affect in the port. What you'll need in terms of accel enrichment however is will depend on the way the engine responds to throttle input. The two aspects I base my decisions on are the lambda trace during a transient throttle event and the feel of the engine, or in other words how crisply the engine responds to the throttle.

If you're looking solely at the lambda trace then it can be tempting to try and get a perfectly flat line or one that drops straight to your WOT target when the throttle is cracked. In my experience this isn't desirable or necessary and will actually result in a less responsive engine. I'm much more interested in whether or not the engine is offering sharp, crisp response to my throttle inputs.

Andre your experience tell you that normally the engine run richer that target lambda on this transitions or leaner?

What do you have for data logging? Is the RPM instantly going up as you stab the throttle?


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