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Car suddenly lean during cruising

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Hi guys I was cruising in my 2003 Evo 8 and it had a small hiccup but it was very quick it went lean. Ecu is a linkecu G4+. Thankfully I always have my laptop recording, I'm gonna attach the log here. The time is 2:25.305. Thanks in advance for any inputs you guys may have.

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I can't see an obvious reason for that lean spike. Fuel pressure and injector pulse width all look pretty consistent and there are no active limiters/cuts. I'd be inclined to think it was related to an ignition misfire but I can't explain why that would have happened.

Can I attach the map so you can see if there is anything out of order?

You can, however the injector pulse width in your log is pretty consistent across the lean spike which is really a result of what you have in the fuel map so I don't expect I'd see anything worrying. What I'd suggest seeing if you can replicate the lean spike before you worry too much.

What you mean replicate Andre? You mean try to do it on purpose?

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Yes, do it again and see if it’s a recurring issue.

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