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Change the ignition angle in relation to load and rpm. 1jz gte vvti

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Good afternoon. Can you tell me the basic trend of ignition angle dependence versus rpm increase. The ignition angle should increase by how many degrees if the pitch is 500 rpm. And how many degrees should the angle decrease as load increases in 20kpa increments?

There is no hard and fast rule for this as every engine set-up differs and fuel quality varies wildly.

If you go through the courses all of this is explained. There is extra information in the webinars which might give you a guide to what you are after

As Chris mentioned there isn't a fixed amount per RPM or load change that's appropriate across different engines and fuels.

The course explains some common trends, but each system requires unique tuning.

The Fundamentals course helps lay groundwork, and then the additional tuning courses go more in depth, including how to optimize ignition timing.

Usually it's good enough to take a look at stock map to get an idea of what can be taken as a base and then start working from there... But reliable knock control is a must in order to get the best curve...

As Shota mentioned, IF you have access to a stock tune for the particular engine, that can be a helpful reference, though it will need altered if the engine has been altered, fuel quality has changed, etc.

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