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EFI Tuning Fundamentals

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Seems like the Conclusion video is out of order. Seems to make sense if it was last, not first.

Thanks for bringing that to our attention. We'll have a look into it.

Yeah, there are still some that are out of order.

Yeah I'm really confused with the order too...almost seems like there is a vid missing

I just checked the course overview and the order appears to be correct. Can you let me know which video is missing or out of order?


Hi Andre,

Please check the attachment for a screenshot of what I'm seeing.

They are definitely out of order...but the only reason I said that it seems like a vid might be missing is because it didn't seem to follow on from the last vid of the previous module. But I think 'How It All Works' is the first vid

Just another quick correction....In the vid we are told to get to milliseconds from seconds we should divide by 1000. You should multiply by 1000, not divide.

Also for the quick tip for calculating cycle time in milliseconds is said to be 120 divided by RPM...It should be 120000 divided by RPM

Hi Theo, I can see the order problem you're referencing now. We will raise it with the developer as this is similar to another problem that has been recurring. Thanks for pointing it out. That however is the complete list of modules for that section.

The discrepancies you have raised have previously been noted. We are due for a complete reshoot on this course at some point this year. The discrepancy wasn't so much an error as it was a poor explanation of what I was aiming to show.

Not to beat a dead horse - it looks like the tutorials are still out of order. Andre (or anyone else familiar) could you post the correct order in the forum here? I don't mind (manually) jumping around to watch them in the correct order.

The order issue is fixed in the back end and Ben will re-order the modules today. Hopefully this will put the problem to bed for good :)

Woohoo, thanks Andre and Ben for sorting it out. I see the Understanding AFR section is fixed too.

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