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Andre, your presentation here uses BSFC, but in your webinar, 243 | Choosing The Right Injectors For Your Engine you stated this:

"A lot of the injector calculators that we see online use BSFC or brake specific fuel consumption in order to calculate the required fuel flow. BSFC, it's not actually a term that most people use, it's not really that critical but essentially it talks about how efficiently the engine is able to convert fuel into power.

There are a couple of problems with using BSFC. First of all, for us mere mortals it's pretty much impossible to get accurate data on engine brake specific fuel consumption"

But in this course, you are using BSFC to calculate injector size. So, how do you recommend that we use the information in this module?


Everything in the module is absolutely correct and the module on BSFC and the equation provided will get you to the required injector size, provided you have BSFC data. As stated in the webinar, that is usually the part that is problematic as most tuners don't have the required information to accurately calculate BSFC. Irrespective of this, BSFC is a topic that's worth understanding, particularly with regard to the fact that different engines can do a better or worse job of converting a specific fuel quantity to power which is why we cover it.

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