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I didn´t understand how can I meassure the load using a TPS, or it is capable to calculate the air density? If so, it´s better to tune using a TPS than using a MAP?

To answer your question, the TPS by itself is not able to calculate the air density.

My only experience with TPS on load axis is with RB26s. On engines using Individual Throttle Body (ITB), the air flow entering the engine is very non-linear as there are no intake plenum to fill with air. That cause rapid changes in air pressure with small throttle opening. Let's say you would be converting the RB26 to an air density system using a MAP on the balance tube, IAT and an aftermarket ECU. You would need to use the TPS as the main load axis on the fuel table, and use a MAP multiplication depending on your boost level. This method is called Alpha-N with Map Multiplication.

For more explanation on the subject here's a great webinar :


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