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i have a now really balanced tune on my mx5 at 1 bar. i am wanting to increase the boost level target to 1.08 on my boost controller as i have great response at that point and balances nicely on the tune,only thing is after 15 miles or so at that level u start having heat gain on my temp only few F, 198 to 203 but generally a feel of the torque dropping alittle on the response to throttle is what dont feel right to that it isnt componsating proply in relation to the increase. can i simply componsate for that in increasing the mat correction if its all still at the same gain and PID rate so to keep on mixture and avoid the heat gain and thinning of running a higher boost target on the controller.

G'day Peter.

The first thing I pulled out of your post is that those intake temps seem really, really high! 200degF ~ 93degC, which is getting pretty damn hot. What sort of intercooling have you got on the car?

Your post is a little hard to follow, can you give us some more details on your setup? What ECU are you running? is it an external boost controller, or built into the ECU?

Have you logged your AFR to see what is happening as the temp increases? Do you have any other compensations that are coming in? I'd particularly look at anything compensating the ignition timing as this can have a significant affect over engine torque. It's always best to try and simulate these aspects when the car is on the dyno if possible. In particular you can block airflow to the intercooler and/or radiator to artificially create the conditions you're seeing on the road or track.

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