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Mbt with intertia dyno and timing

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This video makes alot of sense, but how do you find mbt if you are using a inertia based dyno?

Also I am alittle lost on the timing marks on a engine. I understand advance and retard but how does 16 degree total timing relate to 16 degrees after tdc. I know they are not they same just trying to understand the difference.



On timing I guess what I am trying to understand is how the degrees on the balancer reflect to the 16 degrees after tdc you are trying to find or if they are not relavent to each other.

They are relevant to each other.

The marks on your balancer should correspond to the numbers on your timing map.

You can check this with the fixed timing function on some ECU's

If you're using an inertia dyno then you can still tune the ignition timing to MBT under WOT. You won't however be able to tune the ignition table under part throttle conditions as this type of dyno can't operate in steady state conditions.

Generally when we talk about ignition timing or ignition advance we're referencing degrees before TDC (Top Dead Centre) which is when the piston reaches the top of the stroke on the compression stroke.

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