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Overrun area AFR on motorcycles

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Overrun or high rpm vaccum zone in fuel map in motorcycles is quite more important that it (seems to be) in cars. In closed or close or very small throttle openings when reaching a turn apex, AFR in this area plays a vital role in vehicle stability and therefore drivabitiy (rideability in this case). An excessively lean AFR (or no fuel at all) in this area will provoque an abrupt power delivery when the rider starts opening the throttle again. Although this may be negligible in the case of cars due mainly to mass and different stability principles it greatly affects vehicle suspension on a motorcycle where weight transfers are much more delicate and upsetting.

Besides this, AFR in this area modifies engine braking, although on ‘ride by wire’ systems this can be independently be sorted with the ETV mapping

Therefore (and mainly for the first reason), overrun area tuning is very important in motorcycles as it greatly improves closed to open throttle transitions in a very common riding situation in low to medium speed turns!

I think it might be a good idea to try to cover this and some other differences in a specific module to reach a wider audience!

Thank you!

great feed back thank you i will pass this on

Regards Ross

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