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Pulse width if running with Sequential setting OFF

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I wanted to ask that the way of calculating the pulse width shown in the EFI Fundamentals course is also applicable when running with sequential setting off or we have to half the pulse width from the calculations. I am using KTM 500exc which has a 18-1 trigger wheel configuration, without CAM sensor.

Normally that's how it works. What do the instructions of your ECU say?

Usually the tables are pulse width per cycle, so if not running sequential, then it would be two pulses each half the length of time specified in the table.

That is why you can dial in the injector dead-times by switching between sequential and batch fire since the same deadtime are used with either one or two pulses. If it's wrong, the mixture (AFR or Lambda reading from the wideband) will change between these too modes -- just change the dead times until they are the same regardless of mode.