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Rotary engines?

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Can the same be applied to rotary engines?

All the basic ideas are the same.

As Raymond has posted above, despite the fundamental difference in their operation, a rotary engine actually responds very similar to a piston engine. There are a couple of important considerations though where rotary engines do differ:

1. Rotary engines tend to run richer than a piston engine making comparable power

2. Rotary engines are very intolerant of knock so it's best to be conservative when optimising the ignition timing. At the same time though you'll find that rotary engines generally aren't as sensitive to timing as a piston engine.

3. You're going to have staged injection and a trailing split table to deal with on a rotary engine.

Yeah there are some rotary specific things that depend on what rotary you are talking about. The older rotaries (Rx-7) have a lot of 70s to 90s things to deal with related to the idle control, throttlebody, and emission control. If you have a 3rd gen Rx-7 you have the twin sequential turbos (which piston engines also came with).

If it's an Rx-8 you don't have any turbo stuff and you have simplified throttle (electronic throttle) but there is a complicated 5 stage intake system comparable to what you would find on a Porsche GT3 or something. Also, the oil metering system changed with basically every generation of rotary so you have to understand the specifics of what you are dealing with.

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