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safe ignition starting point and ignition advance on idle.

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it isnt completely clear to me what a good and safe starting point is for the ignition timing so the engine does not knock when i first get my fuel table correct.

i also dont know what a correct ignition timing is at idle and around idle area.

and the audio knock tool andre talks about in this course is pretty expensive, ive got a Link g4+ can i rely on the knock warning in the ecu using OEM rb25 knock sensors? i assume my engine is knock limited on 98 octane stock turbo with intercooler and 0.8bar of boost but im not sure. (i wil roadtune the car)

can some one give me tips?

thanks in advance.

does the Link come with a base map for your engine (sounds like a mildly modded RB25DET) ? Otherwise, if you can't find stock timing maps (which are going to be airflow based anyway while I assume you are speed density), you can look at base map for other RB25 engines, even if they aren't for Link.

For spark timing, you can start with the baseline idle timing that the timing mark (for checking timing with a light) is at.

thanks for your reply,

the link does come with a basemap, but its for rb in general so not specificaly for a rb25. so i cannot rely on the basemap ignition timing to work for my nearly stock engine for now. i can tune the fuel table just fine but i havent got a audio knock detection monitor just yet to properly tune the ignition timing.

so for now i want to drive the car without worrying my engine is pingng just like i was doing with the stock ecu so i idealy need a stock ignition map for speed density til ive got audio knock detection.

Ive looked at the haltech basemap for an rb25 but cannot find if this is like the stock rb25 ignition map.

if anyone can help me create or find a stock rb25 ignition map using MAP as a load index that would be awesome.

Well, do you have the stock timing maps in airflow/load based form? Can you post those? Maybe from Nistune or something...

You can DIY your own detcans for cheap and if done right, work very good.

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