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EFI Tuning Fundamentals

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Hello folks, did anyone take notes or summarize the thing we took in the fundamentals part, if not, anyone interested in making shared notes to help everything in mind?

One thing I ended up doing was going through each video and scribbling down any equations / math to build out a small reference guide for myself, and then going back and making a note for any specific values that should be remembered (such as the different stoich ratios for various fuels, or the BSFC for the different fuel / engine setups, or the fuel target map example values), then finally a quick glossary for each section for important terms or acronyms and what they mean, and organizing each with a label at the top that corresponds to the particular section the note was taken from (Ex. Waveforms, EFI Components).

It worked out to being roughly 12-14 pages or so, but a good chunk of that was drawing the equations or making a reference table for values. Some people can short-hand very well during lectures, but I find this kind of approach better for my learning style, here's a couple examples of what that looked like after transferring from my notepad to a word doc so I could actually read my writing (chicken-scratch handwriting - it's a curse):




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