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tps sensor

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hi guys

when tuning speed density and maf systems does the ecu care about what the tps is doing ? I understand tuning alpha-n the tps is used as a load signal but im abit unsure of its purpose on other systems


It is usually the best sensor to use for acceleration enrichment as its a command rather than a response like MAP or MAF. It is also often used as a lockout for other strategies - such as for instance idle control doesnt kick in until you are below a certain TP and things like over-run fuel cut etc. In some ecus it may also be used as a control variable in other strategies - for example in Link ECU's the RPM limiter "start cut" varies based on TP.

So the tps on a map/maf system has nothing to do with fueling? Or isn't used as a load signal?

Depending on the specific vehicle you are talking about, if it has a MAF then TP probably isnt part of the load calculation but it will certainly still be part of the fuel strategy, as I mentioned above it will probably be used for at least the accel enrichment and possibly switching from closed loop to open loop near WOT.

Awesome thanks Adam

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