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What particular timing light and knock monitor would You suggest for entry level?

Depends on what is available in your country. I've had 2 timing lights in 35 years. The first one was in a home mechanics kit that was a gift I was in high school, it lasted a couple of years (the wiring connection frayed). The 2nd I bought when I started my apprenticeship 31 years ago and it was a Sun unit with adjustable control. I went to use it the other day and the adjustable control fell off but the rest of the light still works after 31 years. So you get what you pay for with tools, buy the best quality you can for the money you can afford and you will have a timing light that will last longer than a cheaper unit.

I have a cheap timing light that I've found to be incredibly effective and reliable. It's just a simple inductive light with no dial back feature but this also means it's impossible to get confused on waste spark setups where the dial back function needs to be treated with care. You should be able to buy one of these for about $60-70 USD (maybe less). Here's a link to what it looks like:


For knock detection the two products I use and can recommend are the Plex Knock Monitor (suitable for professional tuners - expensive), and the new Link G4+ Knock Block (not as advanced as the Plex but much lower price point).

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