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Just looking for opinions. which ECU would you choose and why? Not taking price into consideration.

What is the project?

Supercharged Honda B16B (stock engine)

What inputs and outputs do you expect to need now and for the foreseeable future?

Not really sure on that. Still new on this stuff. I currently have a Hondata S300 but I am finding it a bit basic compared to the the top brands. Wouldn't mind some more safety features for the engine especially knock control

You do know that when you go to a standalone ECU with knock control, it does not work out of the box? You have to make the engine knock and train the knock control. Knock control is not a strong point on an S300 but it does have a lot of other features. https://www.hondata.com/help/smanager/index.html?miscparameters.htm

It's huge undertaking to go from a highly modified stock ECU (Hondata S300) to go to a standalone. The car will run worse before it runs better. The S300 has OEM level driveability if it's tuned right. Think about that before you jump to an expensive new ECU that requires a lot of tuning to make it start, drive, idle, etc.

Are you doing your own mapping, or using a local mapper?

Hi Arghx7, Yes I am quite aware that it will be quite complex when compared to the S300, that's why I am taking this course cause I want to learn as much as possible in mapping.

I have been mapping for quite some time now with Hondata using the phormula knock detection system for ignition and innovate LM-2 for fuel. This the first time on a forced induction for me which in my opinion is going pretty well. I was considering upgrading due to more safety features, VE table, knock etc. Was mainly looking at the AEM Infinity.

Yes greenamex2, I do my own mapping.

I would kick off by listing what features you need, which will then define what inputs and outputs you need. You can then narrow it down.

To kick off with -

Sequential or batch ignition?

Sequential or batch injection?


Manifold pressure?

Barometric compensation?

Knock sensor?

Wheel speed?

Gear position?

CAN integration?

Exhaust temperature (and how many)?

Lambda sensor (and how many)?

Electronic throttle?

Fuel pressure compensation (and a safety feature!)?

Fuel temperature compensation?

Oil pressure sensing (a safety feature!)?

Oil temperature sensing (a safety feature!)?

Data logging?

Traction control?

Launch control?

Closed loop mapping?

Multiple maps?

Wastegate control?

That list probably covers the most common options.

To it I would add -

Level/quality of manufacture support?

Availability in your area?

Software ease of use?

Ease of expansion?

Off the shelf wiring loom?


One thing I would say, listen to what EVERYBODY has to say...and then ignore anything that isn't supported by any facts.

As an example...everybody told me the Life/Syvecs ECU's were the ones to go for because they were cheaper than the Motec ones. Yep, they were wrong, for the equivalent spec as my Motec M130 I was going to have to pay 30-40% MORE for a Life/Syvecs FOR THE FEATURES I NEEDED. However if I had a different set of requirements, the opposite would probably have been try! It really pays to get your requirements right upfront to avoiding having to pay more later down the line.

I would probably kick off with listing out what your current ECU does, and what extra features you need, and what extra features you may want later on.

These are the functions currently available with he S300:


As for the inputs/outputs I need:

Sequential or batch ignition? sequential

Sequential or batch injection? sequential


Manifold pressure? yes

Barometric compensation? yes

Knock sensor? yes

Wheel speed? 2 should be enough

Gear position? yes

CAN integration? yes

Exhaust temperature (and how many)? not planning to

Lambda sensor (and how many)? 1

Electronic throttle? no

Fuel pressure compensation (and a safety feature!)? yes

Fuel temperature compensation? yes

Oil pressure sensing (a safety feature!)? yes

Oil temperature sensing (a safety feature!)? yes

Data logging? yes

Traction control? yes

Launch control? not really

Closed loop mapping? not really

Multiple maps? yes

Wastegate control? yes

I was considering the AEM infinity 508 for my needs. Can find off the shelf engine harness from Rywire. It's also correctly priced in my opinion.


we just went to same decision tree, and end up with AEM EMS-4, ifinity have allot of more features but many of them can't be used on this kind of setup.

you have all you have on the S300 plus Launch control, Electronic Boost control (for turbo and require a solenoid)

you can tune everything and have compensation for temp knock etc..

recommendation, you can get long harness for the EMS-4 and the EMS-4 for less than 1K, and you just need to wire up the terminals for injectors, sensors etc etc.

also strongly recommend use good MAP sensor as you are going Supercharged.

you can also add Air Inlet Temp, oil temp etc and trigger a check light in case some of the parameters go out of the book!

we did it and yes tune the EMS-4 as is a full stand alone require some fine tunning for Iddle drivability etc but noting to hard.

good look!

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