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ABS WSS mk4 vw to Haltech ECU

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hi all,

I am hoping that maybe someone might have some information on the VR sensor, in this case, it is a 03 VW ABS wheel speed sensor. I found after making the wiring harness that the sensors were VR and not digital so I am having to use some adapters to convert the signal. With that said I decided to use the "SPEED SENSOR ADAPTER V2" from Sirhc Labs and I can't seem to get any signal to the Haltech from 2 of the 3 configurations. I have tried 2 of the three methods, only 2 since the last one does not appear to apply to this type of sensor unless I am missing something. I have tried configs 1 and 2 with no results. I am hoping that someone knows something I don't or can point me in a really good direction.

I also want to add that this is being wired to a DPI input on a Haltech I/O expander. I have read that these have a permanent 10k resistor on these. Not sure if this is useful but the more you know.

here is a link to the adapter/converter - https://sirhclabs.com/product/cortex-ebc-speed-sensor-adapter/

Instruction provided by them - https://sirhclabs.com/resources/cortex-ebc/user-manual/speed-sensor-adapter-v2-instructions-2-0-0.pdf

Thank you

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