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EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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There was a mentioned of an advance course in your fundamentals tutorial. How do I gain access to that? Looking for more of the advanced wiring and planning for systems using PDM's and aftermarket ECU's. Concentric twisting, method and means to using two #16 wires on a Deutsch connector and splicing into a #12 for fuel pumps and radiator fans..

G'day John.

The advanced course is mostly written, and shooting will begin in a couple of months once our worked example car gets a few other jobs done. We'll have it out by the end of the year.

Yes iam very much looking forward to this course as well. I'm especially interested in the Concentric Twisting methods and Possibly Wire Tuck Planning? Just an idea!

I'm looking forward to this one as well. I have a large bundle of wires that I need to snake through the interior of my car.

You’re now actively marketing and taking money for this advanced course. I bought it and was excited to see it but can’t seem to find it. Do I just have poor navigation skills?

EDIT ^^: I was referring to the club level wiring. I thought that was the advanced course. In either case, there was a linkage glitch that is all sorted out now. Thank you. I'll give it a good watch.

G'day Trey. We've planned three wiring courses:

EFI Wiring Fundamentals (Online)

Practical Harness Construction - Club Level (Online)

Practical Harness Construction - Advanced Level, Professional Motorsports (In Development)

We certainly haven't taken any money for the Professional Motorsports course yet, as its still in development and we only sell courses once they're complete and online. It's also the last on the list because there is still quite a bit of cross over with the other two courses, and I wanted to be able to make it solely focus on the aspects that differ from club level wiring harness construction. This will keep the course shorter, easier to film, and cheaper to purchase too.

I would definitely be keen on a pro level / motorsport specific wiring course. I havent done any of the low level wiring courses, as I am already a fully qualified auto electrician. And I fear 99% of whats covered will be basic stuff for me. But a course specific to hi end motorsport setups and techniques is sonething you dont really learn in the general auto elelctric career. Infact, even messing with ECUs (aftermarket) is often not done in the trade. But easy enough to self learn if you have an interest in it outside of auto electrics.

Hey Zac, I withdraw my comment. :)

I worked with Taz, and there was a linkage glitch, so I wasn't getting the Club Level Harness Construction. In either case, he fixed it, so it looks like its accessible. I'm looking forward to perusing.

Zac, do you have a rough idea of the topics that it will cover?

I'm trying to avoid re-covering too much ground that the other courses have already covered. I'll look at the different materials you select and how to work with them, the tooling required, and some dedicated motorsport techniques such as concentric twisting, fully sealed harnesses, terminating to autosport / soriau connectors, molded boot shapes, and potting with epoxies.

The goal is for it to be out before the end of the year, as people are screaming out for it, so its top of the priority list. I'm going to completely divorce the skills sections and the first worked example this time around though, as it got a little confusing and muddled I think with the clubsport level course. I'm wanting to make it detailed, infuriatingly so, so I can really geek out over it :-).

When do you suppose the advanced level course will be released?

G'day Tyler. The aim is by the end of the year. The deadline up on the whiteboard in the office is the 20th of December. Providing there arent too many hiccups along the way we're on target for that. The first worked example car is going to be our 350Z racecar, henceforth known as the SRZ, as it's getting an SR20 swapped into it for endurance racing. Going to be a pretty insane build, and the perfect one to demonstrate the professional level motorsport wiring techniques.

Curious will you be including a PDM in the new course??

+1 for PDM inclusion! Thanks!

PDMs will be covered in another dedicated course much like the format of the tuning courses where Ethanol and Boost Control etc are specific offshoots.

Much excite!

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