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AFR Gauge Wiring

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Not sure if this is in the correct place but its wiring related.

AFR gauge, is it possible to wire in just the gauge to a factory wideband or standalone ECU that supports its own? I have the ECUMaster EMUblack with the Bosch LSU 4.9 wired and supported by the ECU directly and woukd like to add a visual gauge on the dash. How would this be done if at all possible?


Hello, yes, I think this is the right place.

What do you need. Reading AFR ratio in your ECU from your gauge or reading AFR in your gauge from your ECU Internal controller?

Ignacio Lopez Lopez,

I'm wanting the gauge to display what the AFR is from the ECU

You are probably going to need a CAN bus gauge to display lambda from the ECU internal lambda controller. Perfect tuning, BTI, Gaugeart, Plex USDM, CANChecked MFD15, etc. I think the Emu CAN would be configurable enough to drive the cheap AEMnet X series gauge too.

Thanks Adam appreciate the help

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