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All kind of terminal for connectors

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hi guys,

I'm redoing a Mazda RX-7 FD3S engine harness and I would like to replace some wires but, how do I know the brand or model of the terminal that goes to the ECU connector?

Anyone has a universal table with a lot of connector terminals so I can find on web the ones I need? Because there are a lot but I have found that 1 model could replace many kinds.


Heya Victor. You're in luck, because for the FD3S Ive actually gone through the process of identifying all the connectors on the EFI harness, as I has to do a similar job on my own car.

All except the idle speed control solenoid that is... Which still eludes me!

What year is your RX7? They had two different for factors of ECU, the early 8-bit ones with yellow connectors and the later 16 bit ones with white connectors. They're both called Multilock 040 connectors, but they take differnet pins, go figure.

173716-1 is the part number for the early model (yellow connector) ecu pins.

175265-1 is the part number for the late model (white connector) ecu pins.

Those are to fit 20-22 AWG wire.

Hi Zac,

Mine is 93, everything is in very good shape except for the engine harness. Did you delete the idle speed control solenoid? I have read a lot people do but I don't know. Mine was idling good although there is 1 wire of the solenoid that sometimes have continuity and sometimes doesn't :D.

Thank you for the information. What website can I buy them? I need like 10 or 15, but the websites I found sell like 1,000 hahaha.

Now that you have the experience in this one I would like to know if you do recommend to delete all the turbo solenoid and valves for the sequential turbo control and going on any electronic boost control? I already deleted a lot of things, I'm leading the attached picture plus the canister and purge stuff.


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G'day Victor.

No, I kept the idle speed control solenoid, I don't see any reason to remove it, they do a job that needs to be done.

I bought 50 of the 176716-1 terminals recently from rs components. They were pretty cheap and in stock.

I havent experimented with removing the sequential control on the turbo system, I overhauled everything to ensure it worked properly. I did remove the emissions systems though. Being a JDM car, it had no EGR to remove, but I blocked off the port air system that sends air down to the catalytic converter, and removed the air pump.

Hey Zac,

I couldn't find 173716-1 on that website, they might be out of stock. But I found them on www.mouser.com for a good price also and they are in US which is closer to me. Let me see how it goes for me and I'll share some pictures.

Thanks again.

With part numbers like that, the -1 on the end usually means individual pieces. That same part number without the -1 will usually designate the same part, but on a big roll, or in a big box. With a big minimum buy quantity.

Hi Zac

See the complete harness set for your successful build of the FD RX-7. Is there a source or list of places where you can purchase all the connector connectors because I need to build a set to restore my customer's RX-7?

If this is not your problem, I will give you my email address so that it is easier to send the list.

thank you for your help ! ! ! !

Hey Zac, IACV connector is available here: https://www.bmotorsports.com/shop/product_info.php/products_id/3232

The guys at rx7club.com have compiled a complete list of FD RX7 connectors, although it took a few years for someone to find the elusive idle air connector: https://www.rx7club.com/3rd-generation-specific-1993-2002-16/fd-harness-connector-list-part-s-984160/page3/

And another source for you Zac, this time local: http://www.nzefi.com/product/mazda-fd-rx7-idle-air-control-valve-iac-connector/

Zac Thanks for the part number! I am actually wanting to redo my harness on my series 8 and was wondering what pins to get!

Hi Zac,

I have a question on RX-7 Vaccum Diagram you shared. Is it for stock vehicle? Also for the purge system I dont see connections for purge under boost. I see only one check valve? Is the second check valve missing in diagram or nor present at all?


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