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Battery Relocation

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I do not know if this is the right section . It is mentioned in the course how to measure and choose the right size of wire for relocating the battery from the front to the rear or else where . In such a case moving from front to rear does it matter if the wire goes under the vehicle or inside the cabin ?

Thank you.

It doesn't specifically matter where you run the cable provided it's protected from damage. Most often we would run the cable inside of the cabin as it's easier to protect it there but it's not essential to do so.

Thank you Andre . Also wanted to ask if there is any pros or cons if choosing a bigger battery . For example if a vehicle has a 540A battery and we install a 600/610A will there be any benefits ? Assuming that our alternator is capable of charging it .

As Andre said, main thing is ensuring it's protected - remember, if there is a short there won't be any way to stop it unless the battery is disconnected, and most disconnect switches are actually quite far from the battery leaving a length live. Underneath it may be susceptible to being damaged if the car bottoms out, road debris and stone damage, etc. Inside the vehicle, it may be susceptible to scuffing or being cut by footwear, tools, sharp edges, etc.

Pro' for battery is more reserve for when the alternator isn't meeting the electrical demands, a little more cranking voltage for the same current draw - this may be useful for a rear mounted battery, but...

Con's are more expensive, heavier, larger.

In theory, the battery should only be used for starting the vehicle, with the alternator supplying all the electrical power for the vehicle when the engine is running. This means, in theory, you only need enough battery to start the vehicle, so an even smaller one may be adequate, in theory!

Unless one is chasing light weight, especially for a daily driver, I would normally fit the largest that will fit the OEM battery tray and retainer.

Thanks Gord . Yeah , I have run them both ways my self but just wanted to see what would be peoples suggestion in such a matter . I do agree with the battery abd indeed the car could be running just from the alternator but as the course suggest the battery could be also used as a dampner for any spikes as well as some supply still comes from the battery .

See my main reason for such a question is I have been doing the courses here listening to some podcasts tuning/performance related and reading some books to gain more knowledge and I was interested in the 16v batteries and of course since its a daily upgarding to a suitable alternator . Pros and cons on that . And at the same time would it be beneficial to get a bigger battery (still 12V) help with my injectors and ignition since all those are upgraded . My personal car for exaample doesn't have heated seats , air con and a lot of luxury stuff and at the moment for test purposes and money wise I do not want to go to a race type battery like Braile or similar .

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