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Bosch Fuel Pressure and Temp Sensor to AEM Infinity

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hey guys,

I'm looking to incorporate the Injector Dynamics ID F750 Fuel Filter with the optional Pressure and Temp Sensor block in my AEM Infinity Setup and have a question with re-pinning the Bosch sensor to work with my AEM setup. I'm going with the plug and play harness from AEM on my LS3 and it has a branch for fuel pressure, but for use with AEM's fuel pressure sensor. I'd like to re-pin it for use with the Bosch Sensor that comes with the ID Fuel Filter. Can you help me determine how to re-pin the plug and play harness to work with the Bosch Sensor? And also also since its a duel sensor, I'm guessing I'll need to use the ground terminal for both the temp and pressure, but wiring the temp to an open channel on the AEM Infinity.

The AEM sensor (30-2130-100) and subsequent wiring harness has the following three pins:

- Signal Ground

- Sensor Power (5V)

- Signal Input

The Bosch sensor (PST-F 1) has the following four pins:

Pin2 - Sig

Pin3 - Us (U sub S)

Pin4 - Ground

Pin5 - NTC

when you say re-pin, where did that plan come from? do the connectors actually plug in and you just need to move the pins for it to work?

G'day Sean.

Yes, you're correct that you'll need to wire the fuel temp signal to an open input on your ECU.

For hooking the pressure side of that sensor to your existing fuel pressure harness connection:

Signal Ground goes to Pin 4 of the PST-F 1 (Ground)

Sensor Power (5V) goes to Pin 3 of the PST-F 1 (Us)

Signal Input goes to Pin 2 of the PST-F 1 (Sig)

For the Temp output of the sensor, wire Pin 5 (NTC) to an unused temp input channel on your ECU. You may need to create a custom calibration for this sensor, but the resistance values to do this are in the datasheet for the sensor so it shouldn't be a biggie :-).

Hey Arghx7,

When I say re-pin, I'm referencing the plug from the AEM harness, does not match the Bosch sensor, and need to cut the harness and use the Bosch connector. Maybe I'm using the wrong terminology.

Hey Zac,

I greatly appreciate you stepping me through this. With respect to the Temp Sensor, needing a ground as well, I'm guessing I can split the ground wire, one branch for the pressure side and one branch for the temp side of things? Should be easy enough.

Thanks again,


I’m guessing LS3 = not boosted. If boosted isn’t it better/safer to measure fuel pressure at the FPR?

i have the same fuel filter, but running a turbo application and plan on keeping the AEM fuel pressure sensor in my FPR and just reading the Bosch sensor for information.

Hey ajwithers,

I'm running non-boosted for now. My LS3 Dynoed out on the engine dyno at 625hp and 595ftlb of torque. Going in a Factory Five Racing GTM super car with an estimated finish weight of 2,400. Although some have gone the boosted route in this car, with tons of modifications, I'm thinking this will be sporty enough for now.


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